Our Business Model

We are a technology company. As a technology company, our business models are unconventional, our strategies are different and our way of thinking about business may not always fall in line with what is deemed as making business sense. On our path to reinvent how technology businesses are built, we may make mistakes but we will be very successful in the long run. This is because we at Origgin know exactly what we are doing, the company we are building and how to make our shareholders and investors get a high return on their investments.

A Publicly Traded Company

We will become a publicly traded company listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. By being a public company, we will provide liquidity for our investors, shareholders and build a strong cash reserve to enable us expand our market base and build the company we envision.

An Independent Company

We want to build an independent company focused solely on our reason of existence. We will not sell the company or merge the company with a competitor or affiliate. We’ll grow the company to become a global behemoth and bring financial rewards to our investors, shareholders and customers.

A Long Term Company

We are building a company over the long term. This means that our plans, actions, businesses and products are focused on the long term growth of the company. Therefore, we are willing to sacrifice short term profitability and liquidity in exchange for the long term growth and profitability of the company.

A Conglomerate

We are building a vertically integrated technology company that comprises a group of technology businesses that complimentary each other. Origgin will diversify its businesses operations into other areas of business however all will be focused technology.