When Desmond and I started Origgin in 2010 in our university room with the idea to leverage on the power of mobile technology to solve everyday problems, the world was a very different place. The smartphone was just three years old and hadn’t had a massive impact on our lives, social media was still in its infancy and mobile apps was still a foggy concept.

Fast-forward seven years to today, the idea we had as two friends has blossomed into a sustainable growing company with a strong team providing solutions and services for many businesses and consumers in Ghana and across Africa.

Building a technology company in Africa, a continent where most part is yet to experience a profound growth in technology hasn’t been an easy journey. However, by strategically identifying and meeting the needs of the consumers and understanding the market, we have diversified our operating businesses to cater for all their needs.

With all the growth we’re seeing and the demand in technology, Africa is still in the early phase of technology penetration as businesses and consumers are yet move to embrace a digital way of living. This creates a large market for Origgin to build solutions, provide services and become a dominant market leader across Africa.

To ensure that Origgin becomes the dominant technology brand in Africa in the next few years, we’ll continue to invest in three areas namely 1. IT Literacy, i.e to fuel technology growth and adoption amongst the over 85% of Ghanaians who aren't tech literate, 2. Technology Infrastructure, i.e. to provide affordable technology tools for everyone to access technology solutions and 3. Technology Solutions; to provide targeted and innovative solutions for businesses and consumers to do and be better.

That’s why you’ll see us continue to diversify our businesses across many verticals – from software to education to media to financial services etc. – creating a technology conglomerate financially strong leveraging on each other to be more innovative, competitive and productive.

Our goal to list Origgin as a public company on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 2020 will mark our first step into building a great enduring technology company and also create liquidity for our investors and shareholders.

We’re incredibly excited about the future of our company and the opportunity to build a once-in-a-generation company. I’m incredibly grateful to my partners, Origgin employees, customers, investors, advisors etc. who helped to get Origgin to where it is today. We hope you join us on this incredible journey to enrich lives, transform our continent and change the world.

Stay Techie!