Waakye Locator

Waakye is a very popular Ghanaian local food consumed by many Ghanaians every day. With Waakye Locator, you can search and find the closest Waakye Joint, rate the service of the Vendors, give feedback on the food and share your eating experience with other users.


MobileTailor is an on-demand tailoring service that makes users sew clothes with professional tailors and have it delivered under 24hrs anywhere, anytime. MobileTailor solves the problems of delay and unprofessionalism from tailors in Ghana.


E-Prepaid is a new and smart way of buying electricity prepaid credit for your meter directly from your smartphone. Irrespective of where you are or the time of the day, you can easily top up each time you run out of credit.


Student is a mobile app for tertiary students only to save up cash, invest it and spend when they need it. With Student, users are made to make a daily token savings which they are allowed to spend it on partner vendors and invest in financial instruments.


Jump is a video only social networking mobile app that enables users to share their lives through video. With Jump, users make video status updates and users comments with video only. With Jump, there is no text or pictures but video only. Users are allowed to live their lives through video.