Kane Mani

Origgin was co-founded and run by the most visionary and ambitious technology entrepreneur of this generation, Kane Mani. Kane Mani is a naturally born entrepreneur and has a proven track record of building and scaling a company from ground up, overcoming all obstacles and executing the vision. Kane Mani is a highly driven, self-motivated, very confident and very ambitious entrepreneur who in his lifetime is committed to building the biggest and most successful technology company in the world. Kane’s vision is to not only build a very profitable and valuable company but to build a company that transcends generation. A bet on Kane Mani’s vision, dreams and ambition is the best bet any investor can make.


With a substantial investment in a company that is poised to become the leading technology brand in Africa in a few years’ time in terms of market dominance, revenue and value, we believe this is a once in a life time investment opportunity that would bring great rewards. With projected revenue passing the $60, 000,000.00 mark in 3 years’ time, this exemplifies a company that is visionary and ambitious in bringing great returns to its shareholders and investors.


One of the unique strengths of Origgin is to build innovative products that are relevant to our customers. We believe our products should provide everyday solutions to the ordinary person while also being economically viable to the revenue growth of the company. Currently in Ghana, our products and solutions bring high levels of satisfaction to businesses and consumers that use our products which are exemplified in our reputable and growing customer base.


Origgin is a company founded and built on a vision to transform, empower and advance human living through technology. With a vision of building a company to last over a hundred years, we are poised to achieve our mission and focus on a mission of building a long term company that will inspire change all across Africa and the rest of the world.


Origgin is a company that is built on the premise of the vision of the founders transcending generations. Unlike most companies in Ghana and Africa where longevity is not part of the building blocks of the vision, Origgin has planned and is executing a strategy that would outlive this generation of founders, shareholders and members with the ultimate aim of establishing a brand that is economically viable and easily recognizable in years to come. We believe this shows our commitment to building a legacy that all our members and shareholders will be proud of.